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Everything you need to know about Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

Why are control joints used?

Control joints are cut into the imprinted concrete as its allows the product to expand and contract during temperature changes and therefore prevent cracks forming. We carefully place the joints at areas we feel they will be most effective however this is still not a guarantee. If you would prefer to not have control joints made in your driveway, please let us know before work commences.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

What time of year can a driveway be installed?

Driveways can be installed throughout the year, however it will take slightly longer to lay in wet conditions than in warm, dry weather. We monitor the weather carefully and plan each stage of the work accordingly.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

How long does it take to complete the driveway and when can I start to use it?

Depending on the weather it should take around 7-10 days for us to complete. The driveway may be walked on after 24-48 hours and may be parked on after 7 days (although for heavier vehicles this is increased to 48 hours).

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

How thick is the concrete?

The concrete used is placed on a sub base which is between 10-12cm thick. The concrete itself is then a further 10-12cm thick (this is slightly less in patios). The concrete used in our driveways is reinforced with fibre mesh making it the same strength as that used on public highways.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

How much mess does the work create?

Laying the driveway can produce a fair amount of dust which will endeavour to clean along with any other dirt before we leave. All other excess material is removed using a grab service.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

What choice of patterns and colours are available?

We offer a large range of patterns and colours and we are able to discuss this with you on our visit. All patterns and colours come in at the same cost.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

What should I do if oil leaks on to the drive?

It is possible to remove most spillages using washing up liquid but please feel free to contact us if you need further advice.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

Is there anything I should not put on my driveway?

Salt. This should never be applied to the driveway, even in the cold weather.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

How often will I need to replace my driveway?

A driveway made from pattern imprinted concrete should last a lifetime if looked after correctly (this includes having reseals applied regularly).

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

Do you carry out commercial work?

We at Kentcrete carry out both domestic and commercial work.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete FAQ

Is pattern imprinted concrete more expensive?

Pattern imprinted concrete can be higher in cost, however, it lasts longer than other products on the market and requires minimal maintenance.

Reviews from clients in the Kent area

  • "We decided to have a tarmac driveway done by Kentcrete. Found the staff very friendly and the overall service to be excellent. The driveway finish is superb, and we really like the attention to detail shown by all at Kentcrete."

    K Smith
    Ashford - March 2016
  • "We are really pleased with our new driveway and wanted to say thanks for going out of your way to get the job finished on a tight deadline. Our neighbours keep commenting on how great it looks."

    Mr K Ashman
    Welling - October 2015
  • "Just wanted to pass on our gratitude for all the hard work in sorting out our rather messy driveway. You've turned it into something really special and our neighbours haven't stopped commenting! Thanks again."

    D Bridge
    Lewisham - May 2016


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